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Enjoy some pictures of the recent fosters we have or had 😻

Reservations preferred


Walk-ins Welcome

(as space allows)

So what is a cat cafe?

Sassy Cat Club Café serves families or individuals by providing a place for them to come and enjoy the company of cats in a relaxed and caring environment. The admission fee helps with the operational costs of caring for the cats. Your participation in the cat café helps to give a cat a second chance. This is a wonderful place to visit if you’ve had a stressful day. A visit to a cat café helps you slow down and enjoy relaxing with the cats. Through a partnership with A Kitten Place Rescue, Sassy Cat Club Cafe helps to save lives and provide an interactive experience for potential adopters and animal lovers alike as most of the cats/kittens you see in the cafe are either available for adoption or have just been adopted and hanging out while their new furever families prepare for them at home. This partnership benefits both the human and animal communities. We provide great products to our customers and forever homes for homeless cats.
**Please note: Sassy Cat Club Cafe cannot take in cats directly from the community. Please contact www.AKittenPlace.org if you have a homeless or orphaned kitten or cat for information. **


Who benefits from a cat café?
-Overcrowded shelters
– Renters who can’t have pets
-Tourists missing pets at home
-Organizations in need of a unique event location
-Students who need a relaxing place to study
-Those in need of a calming environment
– Brandon residents, local businesses, and community members

Amazon wish list – If interested in donating items that will help defray the cost of caring for the kittens and cats while they wait for their furever homes, cash donations are always welcome but items we use regularly and sometimes for the enjoyment of our fosters, please feel free to see our Amazon Wish List. Items may be used at the cafe or donated to A Kitten Place Rescue whom we partner. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/HIUPNDVYTWH2?ref_=wl_share

Cat lounge admission
To help with the costs of housing and caring for our adoptees, there is a small fee to access the cat lounge to spend time, interact, and provide enrichment for the wonderful felines.

For one-hour access to the cat lounge, there is a general admission fee of $15/person. We offer a Pop-in for Pets 30-minute access for $10/person as well. Children under 2 years of age are admitted free of charge, however, when making reservations or visiting with children 5 and under, a 30-minute booking is required. (Parents/guardians and staff will evaluate how well the children are enjoying the cat cafe experience at that point and determine if they would like to stay longer at that visit or if they would like to visit another time).
You can study or work here with our free WiFi in the company of our cats.

Enjoy our refreshments: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Cold drinks, Biscotti, and Brownies, also feel free to bring your own! Order ahead from one of the great establishments in our plaza like O’Briens, Pizza Hut, or OM Bowl and Juice Bar. We just added chocolate milk as well as red and white wine (non-alcoholic 0.05% ABV). We now have Bubble Tea, Bubble Milk Tea, and Sangria (0.05% ABV).

Hours of operation – Please keep in mind cats like to nap and may be less playful around 1 – 4 pm most days. But cuddles and pets are always appreciated!

Monday – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday – CLOSED

Wednesday – 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Thursday – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Friday – 10:00 am – 7:00 pm. (Ages 13 and up only after 6 pm)

Saturday -10:00am – 8:00 pm. (Ages 13 and up only after 6 pm)

Sunday – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm.


FRIDAY 1:00 – 2:00 PM

Parties and Special Events please Email us for more information.

EMAIL us at: [email protected]

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