About the owner

Nicole Duffy

The owner of Sassy Cat Club Café had an affinity for animals from a very young age and developed strong bonds to her family pets. Fast forward 10 years from then, she began her thirty-year career in the veterinary field as a veterinary assistant and started collecting unwanted cats or cats that clients were not able to care for anymore. Wanting to further her knowledge and provide the best care possible, she enrolled at St. Petersburg College and earned her Certified Veterinary Technician License. Later, she went back to St. Pete College and earned her Bachelors degree in Veterinary Technology – Hospital Management. Now, she brings her knowledge and skills to Sassy Cat Club Café. With her background of years of nurturing the human-animal bond and care for animals, her hope is to provide an environment that supports her passion of doing what she can to help the animal kingdom and create an atmosphere for individuals to relax, get some cat therapy, and hopefully, for some, find the feline that fits into their family!


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