Yoga with Cats

Come and enjoy a soothing Vinyasa flow session with the playful cats of Sassy Cat Club Cafe. Your instructor, Katie Berry, leads you in a practice suitable for all experience levels. The cats roam around as you practice, and they might decide to join you on the mat or climb on your lap.

Ages: 13+

Frequency: Starting June 2023 we will offer Yoga twice a month with package prices available. Click on this link for more booking information.

Time: Wednesdays at 6 – 7:00pm

Cost: $25.00

MAUDE Side Plank Pose Vasisthasana Strengthens the arms, belly, and legs Stretches and strengthens the wrists Stretches backs of the legs Improves sense of balance

The campaign will be “We be Goblins”! A first level pathfinder 2e campaign. June 30th and July 14th.

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of it, we promise it will be a BLAST for everyone and not your standard campaign. Character sheets and a Dungeon Master will be provided, bring your favorite set of dice (dice can also be borrowed or you can purchase your own at Nerdy Needs next door) and the willingness to have fun! Admission includes a bottle of water and a bag of chips and your own hand-painted goblin miniature to take home! No experience needed and no judgement allowed, the campaign will be PG-13